Professional Coffee Machines

The secret to obtaining a perfect coffee lies in the use of 100% natural coffee beans and the innovative technology of our JURA range of automatic coffee machines, the world's leading Swiss brand. We have the machine and its accessories that best suit your needs.

  • We6 Professional

    1.070,25 VAT not included
  • We8 Professional

    1.400,83 VAT not included
  • X6 Professional

    1.790,00 VAT not included
  • X8 Professional

    2.290,00 VAT not included
  • X10 Professional

    2.690,00 VAT not included
  • GIGA X3 Professional

    4.090,00 VAT not included
  • GIGA X8 Professional

    5.490,00 VAT not included

Espresso Coffee Machine

Give your office a professional touch with an Espresso machine from the Dalla Corte range of coffee machines. Ideal for making barista-worthy coffees. Intended for small businesses.

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